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Why Use Malaysian Straight Virgin Hair ?

Malaysian straight virgin hair is extremely high quality, which is made from genuine Malaysian hair are one of the best types of hair weaves available. The hair is carefully processed and then sewn to a high quality canvas. They are then assembled to create a highly decorative unit that looks like the wearers natural hair. The resulting product is a 100% pure Malaysian hair weave which is also known as Malaysian Remy hair.


The procedure of using malaysian straight virgin hair is quite simple. To start with, an expert hair stylist will apply a rich oil treatment and condition the head before starting the process. After this, the hair is washed and then left to dry in the sun. To maintain tips, it is important to allow the hair to dry naturally without the use of heat.


In addition to the above, straight weaves can be tinted or colored. This is commonly done to complement a wide variety of hair colors. In addition, wavy Malaysian hair bundles can be dyed using a wide tooth comb or a brush. This technique allows the weft to be dyed in many different colors and patterns, including black and red, white and gray, pink and green, or even blue and purple. It is also possible to create complicated designs using different weft colors and different weft styles.


In order to protect their wefts, Malaysian straight virgin hair is often dyed to a darker shade to prevent the color from losing its integrity as it is transferred from one person to another. This method is also useful in protecting the hair while it is being woven. If the weft is dyed to a lighter shade prior to its removal from the head, it can be wrapped in an appropriate garment to protect the hair from damage during its removal process. The use of a straightener on a malayi virgin hair weft is also beneficial to the wefts. These devices help to increase the flexibility of the hair and to reduce the amount of stress on the scalp.


In order for the hair to look as good as possible after weaves, it should be made to be handled by professional technicians. This includes not only the removal of tangling, but the pressing of the hair into a desired shape. It is important to allow the hair sufficient time to dry between treatments so that the finish will be as good as possible. The length of time of each treatment can vary according to the customer's preference. If the Malaysian straight hair weaves are properly treated, they can last up to five years without requiring additional treatments.


There is no need to use alcohol-free styling agents or to iron the hair since its natural oil makes it ideal for use with a wide tooth comb. Since most of the hair comes from a specific region of the head, it may take some treatment time to get used to the texture of the wefts. Hair that is from an area that is newly woven should be brushed after using alcohol-free products. After a week or two, a professional stylist may be able to give it the once over to remove any tangling or loose hair.