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What Is Virgin Hair Weave ?

In order to determine what is virgin hair weave, one has to go through the four steps listed above. First, one has to verify if the product contains real human hair (through a burn test) or synthetic (using a washing test). Then, one must test the texture and color of the product by rubbing it on your skin or by washing it out in the open. If it turns out to be a synthetic product, then it is not genuine. However, if it turns out to be real hair, then one can proceed to the next stage.


After the aforementioned tests have been conducted to verify the product's authenticity, the next step would be to do a coloring test and a color check. If the dye applied to the product is not like the color used in human hair, then the product is a fake. On the other hand, if the product turns out to be a genuine Virgin hair, then one can proceed to the next stage of processing. Virgin hair is characterized by its lack of cuticles. Since the product does not contain cuticles, it will not rub off during the wash, and thus is considered real hair.


The next and most important stage is to do a chemical burn test. This test verifies that the dye/stylant used on the human hair is able to withstand the heat from the chemical reaction between the chemicals and the synthetic dyes. Therefore, if you want to know what is Virgin hair weave, this is the way to go! Another chemical test that can be conducted here is to see if the hair extensions are affected by heat. A good dye test for this purpose is called the 'dry swim test' where the hair extensions are placed in water and are allowed to dry completely.


If the water gets very hot, then the test is negative for Virgin hair weave. If, however, the water becomes very cold, then the extensions are positive for Virgin hair extensions. After the Burn Test is conducted and the color check is passed, then the extensions can be pre-treated. Pre-treating the extensions will help them resist any damage or color loss. Since, there is a possibility that human hair might get damaged when chemically processed, the manufacturers of Virgin hair extensions suggest the extension buyers to take additional care while using the product.


To make the pre-treating process complete, the extension buyers are advised to add a little quantity of Conditioner on the end of their hair when they are drying them. They can also use heat protectant sprays on the extensions. Pre-treating the human hair helps them to withstand any chemical damage and thereby, make sure that their hair extensions do not get damaged by chemical processes. It is important that you ask your stylist before buying a particular extension. He will be able to tell you more about what is virgin hair weave.