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What is the lifespan of my Clip hair extensions?

we use the highest grade of remy hair, therefore you will be assured our hair will go above and beyond your expectations to ensure you get the most use out of your new luscious locks.

A key factor on how often you may need to replace your Clip in’s depends on how often you wear them. This varies according to if you wear them daily, weekly or monthly. Things that will affect the lifespan and quality of your extensions are:

·       Over washing

·       Swimming in chlorine

·       Colouring, bleaching, toning

·       Shampoo and Conditioners with Sulphate in them


Hair extensions lack the nourishment provided from oils off the scalp that your natural hair receives. This means they are more likely to be sensitive to damage and do not naturally repair like your hair does. The more you wash your extensions the more the remaining natural oils are stripped which will eventually dry them out.

As a guide we suggest replacing your extensions anywhere between 4-6 months with regular usage or once they begin to loose their original look and feel. However, we have customers who wear their sets daily and only need to replace their hair once per year. This shows, with correct care and TLC you can make your extensions last longer giving you extra wear which lives up to our high quality extensions reputation.

Just think - how often do I replace my high heel shoes? It depends on the quality of shoe, how I treat my heels and if I am wearing them to work or dancing in a club all night long