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How to wash a lace the front wig can make it final long?

How to deal with the wig after you put off it, right, you want to wash it and maintain it for the subsequent user. How to wash a lace the front wig can make it final long?


Step 1, comb the ends of the wig first, make positive there won’t have knots. Using a wide-tooth comb from ends to roots, comb it nicely in order to keep away from tangle and shedding.


Step 2, fill the bloodless water in your sink, then stir in some shampoo. According to your coiffure and state of affairs pick out the acceptable shampoo for your wig. For example, if your wig is curly lace the front wig, please pick shampoo made for curly hair vendors. If your hair has been bleach and dyed, you can pick out a coloration protector shampoo instead. Please don’t observe the shampoo on the hair directly, you can use the soapy water to wash it, immerse the wig into the water with shampoo. You had higher now not use shampoos that incorporate conditioner.


Step 3, soak the lace the front wig into the water for a few minutes. Turn the wig cap inner out and depart the wig fibers striking loosely through your fingers. Please don’t squeeze or twist the wig to keep away from the hair matte, split, and tangle.


Step 4, rinse your lace the front wig in the bloodless water until there won’t have shampoo inside. Clean the wig with sparkling and bloodless water. People have a judgment about whether or not the wig is smooth or not.

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Step 5, practice some conditioner on the wig barring for the root of the hair. Because the strands have been knotted onto the lace, if you follow the conditioner on it, the knots have to come undone and the strands will fall out, that’s why some clients advised us their lace the front wig wholesale are shedding a lot after washing. Choose a awesome hair conditioner that protects your wig well. Please make certain the conditioner on your wig 3-5 minutes which makes the hair soak up the diet completely. Then wash it to smooth besides conditioner any more.


Step 6, dry your lace the front wig. Absorb the water in the wig by way of towel first, don’t twist which will motive tangle or break. Another factor must pay extra attention, please don’t brush the hair when it is wet. If you do so, it will injury the fibers and purpose frizz. Absorb the extra water until there won’t have water drop down from the hair. Then put the wig on the hair stand, and let it dry in the air. If you are hurry to use it, you can additionally dry it by way of a hairdryer. Please make certain to set a low-heat in order to keep away from injury to the fibers.


Step 7, spray some oil to make the hair glossy, maintain the lace the front wig on the hair stand to hold a exact shape. If you don’t have a hair stand, when the hair dry, please put it into the package deal when you get it. If you favor to exchange a hairstyle, you can curl or straighten it by means of a flat iron. Because all the hair wig made by using a hundred meirhair human hair, it is virgin Remy hair, you can dye, bleach, curl or permit.


Tips for preserving the lace the front wig:


Wash your lace the front wig when you put on it the first time, even it is a new brand. Cause the wig you get journey shipping, packaging and producing.

If the bloodless water is now not working, you can pick heat water ninety five °F (35 ℃)

Please don’t use a brush on your curly wig, you can use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.


When you dry your lace the front wig by using blow drier, make positive to use the low temperature.

Before you use a lace the front wig, please examine this article carefully, this will assist you keep away from many issues when you met in the use of the wig.


Welcome share or remark about lace the front wigs, thanks for your reading.