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Meir HairTape in Hair Extensions

Meir HairTape in hair extensions are made with pure 100% remy human hair and premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is strong, safe and non-damaging.


1.     Collection features genuine remy human hair that lasts wash after wash, up to 1 year of wear!

2.     Made with a brand new anti-shedding technology which allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3-4 applications. Each pack has 20 pieces per pack.

3.     You can combine colors to create a highlighted look or a multidimensional look. For a full look you will need 2-4 packs.

4.     requires no tools or chemicals, and lasts up to three months-and the hair is reusable! It takes less than an hour to apply an entire head with zero damage.