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Meir Hair Lace Closure

Not everyone is familiar with closures or has even heard of them. When the closure is attached to your braided virgin hair wholesale (or wig) you are able to part the closure in any direction.
Because the strands of hair are hand tied onto the lace, knots are created at the base of the lace.  In more expensive closures, like the one pictured.
Also, some closures have a plastic or cloth binding on the outside like Perfect Locks while others simply have excess lace.  
If you want a permanent part, you can create a line with a rattail comb and even tweeze some of the hair along the part to widen it just a bit.  
If you are wearing a sew in rather than a wig, sew the nylon to the closure before applying it to your braided base.  This way the pantyhose will still show through the lace.
If you have any questions at all, contact me and I will happily answer or we can send you a video to have a look.