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How To Keep Your Mink Hair Extensions ?

You will want to take of your mink hair extensions as you would your actual hair. Proper care ought to consist of each day brushing, hydration, and perfect hair care products. Brush earlier than mattress and earlier than washing your extensions

Be Soft When Styling Your Extensions

When taking care of your mink hair extension Use a soft-bristled brush, begin at the backside and slowly work your way up when brushing. Tugging and pulling on your hair extensions will creator snags and shedding of the hair extensions which will subsequently lead to cut up ends. Yes, hair extensions are susceptible to cut up ins.

Wash With Hair Extension Products

  • It is fundamental to wash your mink extensions with sulfate free and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfates are regarded to amplify sensitivity and can also irritate. They are additionally recognised to strip your hair and extensions from their quintessential oils. There’s no direct furnish of oils from your scalp into the strands.
  • Condition your extensions to hold your mink greater manageable! Deep situation or location a masks on as soon as a week to make certain moisture.
  • Do no longer brush your extensions wet; the hair follicles are most prone when wet. No pointless popping if it is preventable.
  • Avoid the use of heavy oils.

Use a warmness protectant when styling your extensions.

  • Heat protectants clean the cuticles on the hair shaft
  • Makes the hair much less porous and much less inclined to frizziness when in humid conditions
  • Restores moisture to your hair, everybody wishes a bit greater of that!
  • Keeps hair conditioned notwithstanding the warmth used when styling.
  • Adds a shielding layer on pinnacle of the hair shaft.
  • Makes hair greater manageable due to it being lubricated.

Dry Your Hair Extensions

  • Ensuring to precise dry your hair mink hair extensions is quintessential for no longer solely your extensions however your hair as well. Incorrectly drying hair can lead to mildew amongst different scalp issues. Be certain to clip your hair in sections and dry your braided hair thoroughly.
  • There are one of a kind strategies for exclusive extensions types.
  • Hang Dry (Air Dry) - Clip-ins
  • Hair Diffuser - Sew In
  • Hooded hair Dryer - Sew In
  • Blow Dry - Clip ins, fusions clip-ins, tape ins, hair bonding.

Remove Your Mink Extensions In A Timely Manner

Mink hair extensions are recognized for its lengthy lifespan when effectively taken care of. However, disposing of them to permit your hair to breath and minimize damage. Allow at least a week earlier than reinstalling your sew in.