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How To Dye Virign Brazilian Hair ?

The dying process for dying virign brazilian hair can be called bleaching or perming. It involves using specialized chemicals and heat to change the chemical structure of the hair shaft into its purest form. When this process is done, the blonde color that we have grown accustomed to will no longer appear. In its place will come a darker more beautiful looking blonde color that is natural to the eyes. Even though there are different methods for achieving this type of blonde we all know they are difficult, time consuming, costly and temporary. We want a permanent change and to do that we must do it one way or another.


When it comes to dying hair, we need to consider our options carefully before deciding which method is right for us. The three main ways to dye hair are permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. These terms are typically used interchangeably so understanding each one will allow us to make the decision that is right for our hair styling needs. Let's take a look at each and see how they compare to one another.


Permanent is just what it sounds like. You will not lose your hair when you have dyed it using this process. However, because this type of process is often used on very dark hair we must be prepared for the hair to become slightly damaged before it will be ready for coloring again. Since it is permanent, we can expect that the original dark color will not be changed either.


Semi-permanent bleaches can last anywhere from one to three weeks before they must be replaced. This type of bleach works very well with lighter shades of hair. Because it is less expensive to use, it can be used on a weekly basis for a time and then replaced after it has been used up. If you have black hair this may be your best option. Since it is longer lasting you can go about coloring your blonde hair in stages so that as you get to know the process you can blend in and match your new shade.


Bleaches are also known as straighteners or permanent blondeeners. The first differences between the two are that permanent hair bleaches contain more chemicals than semi-permanent ones. This means that if you have your hair blonde and decide to change to a darker color you could end up in an extremely hazardous situation if you decide to dye your hair blonde. For this reason alone I highly recommend staying away from this option.


In summary dying your hair to a darker color may give you the appearance of having a blond look, but it is not worth the risk. There are safer options available if you have already tried other hair dye options. As an example you can go about dying your virgin hair platinum blonde in the comfort of your own home and simply follow a few instructions to achieve the same results. You can even purchase products made specifically for dying virgin hair. These products can be found online and in beauty stores throughout the country.