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How to Care Lace Wigs

How to care lace wigs.jpg

Step1: The first,comb with the hair, but not too hard, with a comb before the first wig in the middle of the hair combing smooth, and then comb from the distance from the lace 2 cm distance carding, lace wig products should be very careful to go Care, in daily life, wash your hair, comb hair, try to avoid the comb touch damage lace, resulting in hair loss. Shampoo before the hair, so you can remove the dust on the hair dirt, a lot of people wearing wigs always complain about their hair when shampoo a lot of hair, mainly less first step in the first hair.

Step2: Use shampoo before washing the hair at a temperature close to body temperature, so you can rinse 70% of the dirt and grease. Avoid the use of high temperature water immersion lace mesh.

Step3: Most people like to shampoo directly on the hair, in the wrong way. You should first rub the foam with both hands, and then painted on the hair.

Step4: If you use the shape of the day, then the first shampoo shampoo painted in the hair to the tail part of the cleaning. This shampoo does not wash the wig of the lace, the first cleaning out the remaining shape.

Step5: And then thoroughly clean with warm water, the first clean to clean the remaining shape-based products.

Step6: Followed by the second shampoo, take appropriate amount of shampoo and full blistering, the foam rubbed in the head to gently massage the scalp on the pulp

Step7: Use warm water to wash 2 to 3 minutes, to confirm the clean, the hands will be gently squeeze the excess moisture. Short hair can be all the hair back comb.

Step8: Hair hair scales will show open state, then if the towel with strong dry, will make the hair damaged, should use a towel to clamp the hair way, gently dry hair. And then re-use of hair conditioner, conditioner only need to focus on repair tail can be, if the hair is found in the hair knot knot, then gently with your fingers to open.

Step9: Just finished hair hair cuticle will show open state, then do not use a towel vigorously dry, do not immediately with a hair dryer to dry, this will make the hair damaged, should use a towel to hold the hair , Gently dry hair is ok.