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How to Bring Your Brazilian Hair Weave Back To Life

Have you been within the bind and you will need to get the weave done however, you really didn’t have sufficient to cover a brand new install and new hair. All you've got is a few old virgin hair you used a couple of several weeks ago or even the hair that’s presently installed now. Ladies, we're discussing,How to create the old Virgin Hair Back!?


There are several rather easy steps that you could take to make sure that your virgin extensions are very well maintained and brought proper care of to be able to look your very best and hair healthy and delightful.To maintain your virgin hair soft, healthy and lasting lengthy, you have to take proper care of your remy virgin hair weave.Here are the steps which i recommend whenever you take care of hair.


Products Needed




2.Deep Condition


3.Paddle Brush


4.Hot Hair Straightener


5.Liquid Shine or LightSerum Oil


6.Remy Brazilian extensions


7.Wash & Condition


8.General Care


(1) Please only wash your hair with conditioner. (once 2 week).


(2) Detangle hair lightly before washing. Ple don't rub or twist your hair.


(3) Please add conditioner to tepid to warm water and swish your hair till clean. Rinse completely.


(4) Blot out excess water with tower and permit hair to dry naturally. Don't expose under the sun.


(5) Don't brush your hair when it's still wet. Ple comb the frizzy hair with yur fingers. Do not take each small curl of hair apart, but for the wavy and frizzy hair, it's useful to make use of some gel to carry the feel pattern after washing, but little.


(6) Brush straight hair inside a downward motion straight using the ends. Please come to the roots.


(7) Avoid overusing of hot curlers and flat-irons, that will shorten the using-duration of hair than it ought to be.


(8) Please apply certain diet water or perhaps a protectant whenever you perm or dye your hair.




Much like your real human hair, our wavy weave hair may also be permed, colored, highlighted, straightened, curled, washed, blow-dried. Treat your virgin hair much like your own hair. Using items that contains dangerous ingredients (alcohol and sulfates) affects natural condition from the hair.To maintain your virgin hair soft, healthy and lasting lengthy, probably the most important steps would be to moisturize hair correctly.


Bring Hair Weave To Existence


First, you will have to wash and deep condition your hair. You are able to deep condition hair just by allowing it to sit covered in conditioner inside a plastic bag instantly or put the hair within the microwave inside a plastic bag for any minute.


Second, rinse deep conditioner.


Third, allow the hair air dry. Don't blow dry hair because it will get it dry.


Her audio wasn't working properly here would be the steps:


1: Mix conditioner and Essential olive oil inside a bottle of spray with warm water.


2.Comb/brush your hair.


3. Spray mixture around the hair.


4. Place hair right into a pot with boiling warm water and conditioner.


5. Place hair right into a plastic bag and let sit overnight.


6. Wash it out hair and revel in your brand-new bundles!!


Do & Don’t


Before installing your virgin hair, conditioner wash (co-wash) hair first having a moisturizing conditioner.


Don't cut the wefts or tracks of the virgin hair. This makes shedding. Your stylist or you need to use the fold over approach to install your hair. When the wefts should be cut please seal with weft sealant just before installing.


Co-wash hair at least one time per week. Don't over shampoo hair, this makes dryness. Shampoo 1-2 occasions per month. In case your hair feels heavy or oily please make use of a clarifying shampoo.


Air dry your virgin hair. Squeeze out excess water and air dry hair.


When styling with heating tools it is crucial to utilize a heat protectant serum or spray that's ALCOHOL-FREE. Oil base product and alcohol will fry your hair.


Just before bed time, wrap, braid, plait, pin curl or roller set hair and employ a satin/silk cap or scarf.


Should you bleach, tint, perm, or use cause problems on hair you risk becoming dry hair extensions. This may cause hair to reduce and tangle. We can't ensure the durability associated with a hair that's been processed or chemically treated. Deep condition hair after chemically treating hair.If you see hair is beginning to obtain dry, sheds, broken, or tangles, use plastic mix to deep condition your hair.


After washing hair Saturate and let plastic mix sit in hair for one hour or even more. For super deep conditioning, place hair inside a ziplock bag then microwaves for a minute. Let hair sit within the bag for one hour or even more. Wash out completely with lukewarm water.