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What is the Difference Between 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, and above?
Many doable purchasers would ask wholesale human hair wig vendors about "What grade is your hair?". Good question! If you desire to order virgin hair from dependable hair vendors, you desire to be aware of whether or not it is properly nice hair and whether or not your clients will like this hair. Before we grade the hair, let's see how it graded. To locate the pleasant pleasant hair at the most life like price, it is essential to recognize the hair grading.

Table of Contents
1. History of the Hair Grading System
2. How to Grade Hair Extensions
3. What is the Best Grade Hair to Buy?
4. Is there a Universal Hair Grading System?
5. Comparing 5A to 6A to 7A to 8A to 9A to 10A
6. Hair Grading Q & A in the Comments

lace-frontal-wig-human-hair- (15)

History of the Hair Grading System
Weave has passed through superb modifications in this decade.
Today, there are many unique kinds of hair extensions and advertising phrases to measure the first-class of hair.

For wholesale lace wig vendors, Chinese producers and Chinese buying and selling corporations classify hair as (5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A). They use this approach to provide an explanation for to clients "how top the hair is"

one question:
Do you take into account how super the "5A" coiffure was? That may additionally be round 2012-2013.
Then got here the 2014 "6A" hair. Of course, that used to be the exceptional hair extension at the time.
In 2015, we added the "7A" Brazilian hair, which used to be the great hair at the time
Stunning "8A" virgin hair was once famous in 2016, and with the aid of 2017, "9A" braids are the best.
In 2018, you noticed buying and selling organizations attempting to say that their "10A" hair is the best.
Remember that "11A" hair is the best grade in 2019?
In 2021, we are reading quite a number numbers, and I do not recognize if it will stop.
Does absolutely everyone prefer to predict what the "top grade hair" will be in 2030? Probably 20A grade hair? Remember, these are all fictitious anyway!

Currently, there is no "universal standard" on how to classify hair. Therefore, there is no popular and correct hair grade chart.
Technically, though hair is smelly, crappy, tangled, and non-lace, some human beings can name them 8A.

Here are some elements you need to think about when buying for virgin hair extensions:
Wefts: Single sew or double stitch? Double sew wefts must limit shedding.
Weight: The weight of every bundle is one hundred grams or about 3.5 ounces. Is the rate of the bundle affected through weight?
100% human hair: Private label solely sells a hundred percent human hair, and most of our clients like this. If you are searching for very low cost hair that will now not last, shade or style, then think about artificial blends.
Remy or non-Remy: You prefer the scales of Remy's hair to face the identical route to minimize the danger of tangling. Non-Remy hair can rapidly emerge as tangled and purpose problems.
Raw hair and virgin hair: Generally, there are two nice grades of hair on the market. Original hair in its herbal nation and virgin hair with some treatments, inclusive of aligned cuticles. According to your hair satisfactory requirements, each are properly choices.
Single or Double Drawn:: Most human hair offered in the US market is single drawn hair. The value of producing double drawstrings is a great deal greater due to the fact the system of disposing of the restraints of shorter hairs all through the manufacturing procedure is lots greater expensive.
Color: Can your hair be dyed? Virgin hair is commonly promoted to #27 honey blonde, and uncooked hair can be dyed to #613 blonde or #60 platinum blonde. If you are no longer going to dye your hair, you can reflect onconsideration on shopping for a less expensive one (if available).
Styling: Human Hair extensions normally need to now not have an difficulty styling. Of course, Raw Hair Extensions will constantly provide you the high-quality results.

What is the first-rate grade of hair to buy?
Shop The Best Hair Extension Grades
Would we reflect onconsideration on the hair 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A, or what? Do we promote mink hair? What about Japanese denim? The listing goes on!
To be honest, all numbers and names describing hair are a hundred percent marketing.
Let me rapidly evaluate the human hair preferences presented via Private Label. Depending on the coiffure you want, you need to decide the favored hair quality.
Basically, I do not endorse the usage of uncooked hair.

Malaysian Hair Extensions
Malaysian physique wave and Malaysian straight are very appropriate for the price
The herbal 1b colour blends nicely and is convenient to shape.

What you need to know:
The hair is a hundred percent Human Hair
Double Stitch Wefts
Hair is "Virgin Remy" with cuticles dealing with the equal direction
Malaysian Hair can be coloured up to a #27 honey blonde
Single drawn however nonetheless now not skinny at the tips
All bundles are one hundred grams (standard)

Pro tip: When a organization calls a product "Malaysian" or "Brazilian", it is additionally marketed like a grading system. You are no longer sporting actual Brazilian hair. But if you do not use these terms, it commonly confuses customers.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

What you need to know:
The hair is one hundred percent Human Hair
Double Stitch Wefts
Hair is "Virgin Remy" with cuticles dealing with the identical direction
Brazilian Hair can be coloured up to a #27 Honey Blonde
Single drawn however nonetheless no longer skinny at the tips
All bundles are one hundred grams (standard)

The important distinction between Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair is that the hair strands in the bundle are longer. In addition, when checking hair, Brazilian hair normally makes use of higher batches. This is some thing most humans will no longer admit.

Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Vietnamese hair is amazing. We will no longer set them between 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A or higher. We simply name it "raw hair", it comes from the villages of Vietnam.

What you need to know:
The hair is one hundred percent Human Hair
Double Stitch Wefts
Hair is "Remy" with cuticles going through the identical direction
Vietnamese Hair can be coloured up to a #613 Russian blonde
Double drawn and full to the tips
All bundles are one hundred grams (standard)

This hair is one of the first-rate nice hair you can find. You will now not locate many agents of Vietnamese hair due to the fact it is now not frequent in the market. Compared with different hair types, it is now not handy to gain and it is on hand for a longer length of time.

Pro tip: Private-label Vietnamese and Indian hair certainly comes from these countries.

Indian Hair Extensions
The wavy & curly Indian hair textures are some of the most sought after in the industry.
We are speaking stunning and long-lasting hair extensions.

What you must know:
The hair is one hundred percent Human Hair
Double Stitch Wefts
Hair is "Remy" with cuticles dealing with the equal direction
Vietnamese Hair can be coloured up to a #613 Russian blonde
Very full bundles
All bundles are a hundred grams (standard)

In the previous ten years, Indian hair has been very popular. Because it is challenging to locate donors in the temple. The charge of actual Indian uncooked hair is commonly very expensive.

Private Label's Indian hair is 100%, no blended and processed hair. You may also locate "cheap" Indian hair, however it does now not suit the exceptional of the bundles we supply to our customers. Our intention is to supply the high-quality Indian uncooked hair from India.

Universal Hair Grading System

Is there a time-honored hair grading system? We do not assume so.
In phrases of advertising phrases and hair grading methods, the hair market is nonetheless like the Wild West.

What Are the Best Hair Extensions?
Is 10A sending higher than 8A sending?
Technically, you can identify your hair any "grade" you want.
Everyone has a unique opinion on the hair they buy. Your opinion will be unique from that of the man or woman subsequent to you. Our intention is to locate stunning hair at an low priced price. If it is labeled 7A, 8A, 9A or even 10A, it truly would not matter!

Comparing 5A to 6A to 7A to 8A to 9A to 10A
Is it even possible?
Technically it does no longer exist.
You have to promote virgin hair that meets their desires to your customers. In order to be competitive, you should promote the quality receiving and dispatching at the most appropriate price. Don't promote your hair too cheaply, due to the fact clients will suppose your hair is of terrible quality. No one sells "5A hair" anymore. It appears that all of them are "6A" and above. You solely want to do some lookup and you will locate on hand 11A and 12A hair. Remember, in current years, there has now not been any fundamental development in the weaving, restraining or manufacturing of human hair.
Meir Hair Factory is one of the exceptional wholesale hair providers in China for extra than 18 years. We grant wholesale hair, dropshipping hair and customized hair packaging carrier to our clients, which assist to our consumers make their hair enterprise greater aggressive and easily! If you have any questions about the hair grade, please contact us (brazilianhairtop)!