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Find your 3 Haircuts This Season


Women with curly and wavy hair know the struggle of finding the right cut. One wrong move and you’ll end up with the always-unflattering “triangle head.” But what if we told you that there’s a way to try out any hairstyle you want without having to worry about your natural texture? Read on to find out the secret weapon to rocking any cut you want this fall.

Blunt Bob

Nothing terrifies a curly-hair girl more than a short haircut. Because curls tend to shrink as they dry, anything less than a shoulder-length cut could leave horrible results. Luckily, a smoothing treatment will get rid of some of that bounce and allow the stylist to get a more realistic idea of how your hair will fall as it dries.



Short, choppy layers and natural curls or waves do not mix. There’s no telling how your hair will dry, and trying to control the pieces around your face without getting “bubble bangs” is no easy feat. A smoothing treatment can do all of the work for you. Because your hair will dry smoother and straighter than it does on its own, you won’t have to stress about getting the shorter pieces to cooperate.

Modern Shag

Though the retro style looks cool and effortless, too many curls and choppy texture can look more sloppy than it does trendy. A smoothing treatment will basically give your curly strands that “lived-in” look you’re after with minimal effort as it smooths out the hair, leaving you with soft, bedhead waves.