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How to Dye Your Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

How to Dye Brazilian Body Wave

1. Test the dye on a few strands of hair vendors. With your fingers or a small paintbrush, observe the dye to a small area of hair. This have to be someplace that is no longer effortlessly seen. Wait thirty or forty minutes. If you like the color, observe it to the relaxation of the Brazilian body wave. If you don’t like the color, strive a specific colour of hair dye.


2. Soak the Brazilian physique wave in the dye. Place the Brazilian physique wave in the bowl with the dye. With your hands, gently scoop the dye over the Brazilian physique wave and unfold it thru the layers of the Brazilian physique wave. Be gentle. Try no longer to roughly rub the dye into the Brazilian physique wave.


3. Set the Brazilian physique wave onto a Brazilian physique wave stand. A Brazilian physique wave stand will hold your Brazilian physique wave's structure and fashion intact after you dye it. Place the Brazilian physique wave on the stand as you would put it on your personal head. Secure the Brazilian physique wave to the stand the usage of T-pins.

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4. The dye may drip off of the Brazilian physique wave. To stop any stains on your furniture, you can put a towel or plastic tarp round the Brazilian physique wave stand.


5. Brush thru the hair. Use a comb or a Brazilian physique wave brush to distribute the dye in the course of the Brazilian physique wave. Make positive that the dye is evenly utilized to the complete Brazilian physique wave. This will assist the wig wholesale seem to be greater natural.


6. Leave the Brazilian physique wave to let the coloration set. Read the bundle on the dye to see how lengthy you have to go away it. In most cases, this will be thirty or forty minutes. If you can’t discover this information, test the Brazilian physique wave each ten minutes. When it has reached the proper color, you can wash it. (If you do now not have a Brazilian physique wave stand, depart the Brazilian physique wave in the bowl to set. Cover it with plastic wrap).


7. Washing the Hair

Shampoo the Brazilian physique wave. Use a color-safe shampoo or a distinct Brazilian physique wave shampoo. Place the Brazilian physique wave below a faucet with heat water to get rid of any extra dye earlier than lathering the Brazilian physique wave with shampoo. Rinse out the shampoo when you are done.


Apply conditioner to the guidelines of the Brazilian physique wave. This will provide greater shine to your Brazilian physique wave. Avoid the use of any conditioner close to the roots of your Brazilian physique wave or else the meirhair would possibly fall out. Rinse out the conditioner with cool or lukewarm water.


Pat the hair dry with a towel. Gently squeeze the Brazilian physique wave with the towel to put off extra water. Place it again on the Brazilian physique wave stand to dry.


Let the Brazilian physique wave dry. You can let it air dry or you can use a hair dryer on a low setting. If you are air drying the Brazilian physique wave, go away it on the stand till it is definitely dry. If you are blow drying it, run the hair dryer up and down via your hair. Make positive that the Brazilian physique wave does now not overheat.