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How To Dye Your Weaves

Let’s introduce methods for dyeing hair weaves.


Prepare for dyeing


1. Choose excessive a ordinary hair dyer.

You can pick out any hair dyer in your neighborhood place. Pay attention, you can solely use the hair dyer dye the hair darker, if you favor to make the hair shade lighter, you need to choose the hair vendors first. Please use the hair dyer only, don’t use material dyer.


2. Find a desirable quantity hair developer.

A decrease quantity can also be too weak. A 20 extent developer will let you trade the shade by means of one or two hues whilst a quantity 30 will let you make the hair even darker. In most cases, a 20 quantity developer will be sufficient.


3. Put on rubber gloves.

Gloves will guard your pores and skin from inflammation and staining left with the aid of the dye. Use rubber gloves that you don’t thought tossing afterward.


4. Mix the dyer and the developer in a plastic bowl. Mix with a plastic spoon.

Do now not use a metallic bowl or spoon to combine your dye. The metallic can oxidize the dye, inflicting it to exchange colors. The size of the hair relies upon on how an awful lot dyer and wig wholesale you will be used.

lace-frontal-wig-human-hair- (7)

Applying the dye


1. Test with a few strands to test whether or not it is the colour you like.

People afraid that the coloration wasn’t the right shade they like, so you have to take a look at earlier than you practice the dye.


2. Use a brush observe the dye on the hair weaves.

You can pick the part you desire to color, some like pure color, some like ombre, no remember which one you like, you want plan the size you choose to go away if you choose to ombre hair.


3. Cover the hair with plastic wrap, then let it develop.

The sheet of plastic wrap layer will assist hold the dye from drying out whilst it develops. Generally, the darkish dye takes about 25 minutes to develop, however make certain to comply with the guidelines on the lower back of the box. While the coloration processes, test on the hair each and every 5 minutes till it reaches the shade you want.


Wash the dye


1. Rinse away the hair dye totally with heat water.

In a sink or bathtub, rinse the dye out of the extensions. Run your fingers via the hair and rubdown the extra colour out. Keep rinsing water via the hair till it runs clean.


2. Soak your hair in deep conditioning cure for 15 minutes.

It’s essential to fill up the moisture in your hair after the use of dye. Spread a deep conditioning therapy thru the damp hair.


3. Lightly towel-dry and lay the weave on an historic towel to air-dry.


The hair might also nonetheless comprise a bit of extra color, so make positive to use an historic towel. Gently squeeze out the extra water, leaving the strands gently damp. Lay the extensions out to wholly air-dry. Once the hair is absolutely dry, it’s prepared to be worn. If you are blow drying it, run the hair dryer up and down your meirhair. Make positive that the hair weave does now not overheat.


At last, we hope our replace is beneficial for you, if you have any questions about how to dye hair weaves, please sense free contact us and provide us properly suggestions, our aim is to make higher and higher on your splendor way.