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How to straighten curly hair extensions except damage

Usually, I will hold my sew in hair for two to three months. It is virtually boring and worn-out to put on the equal coiffure in such a lengthy duration of time. If I am having a Brazilian straight hairstyle, I like to fashion the hair by means of including a little wave and curls to it barring traumatic about warmth damage. Knowing from some experienced wholesale human hair wig vendors, there are masses of heat-less strategies to get straight hair curly like braiding them up, the use of flexi rods etc. It returns lower back to straight after a wash.

However, it appears there need to be a straightening procedure with warmness if I choose to trade curly hair to straight. I favor to alternate barring risking my curly hair extensions. I have tried distinctive straightening system for many instances the use of ancient curly hair bundles. Over time, I have discovered the excellent way to straighten curly hair extensions with least damage which is summarizing from my own experience and some wholesale wig vendors' experience. If you prefer to be aware of how to do it, please preserve analyzing and I will exhibit you how to straighten curly hair extensions and revert curliness lower back from begin to end except destroying it.

loose wave bob

Hair extensions kinds and textures are important

Before you exercise the straightening process, please make certain you have a hundred percent human hair extensions as an alternative of artificial hair, on which can now not be utilized too an awful lot heat. Besides, you need to pick the amazing human hair extensions to acquire the seem to be that you desire. Let me provide an explanation for in details.

You do desire to see the curls reverts to its authentic country after straightening. The much less effort it requires for reversion, the happier you would be. The first-rate of human hair extension is the most important element identifying whether or not you may want to deliver again ideal curls after making use of heat. You will locate it is less difficult for splendid hair extensions to revert to its curly country with possibly solely water. For terrible nice hair extensions, it requires water, many different merchandise as nicely as your terrific efforts.

Also, please take into account now not all the curly hair weave can return to its sample when you delivered it. Why? For some splendid curl textures such as afro curly and kinky curly weave, it typically tends to be hard to coil returned and may additionally lose the curls with warmth damage. There is no trouble at all for different textures like Brazilian deep wave hair and Malaysian curly hair returning returned to curly styles. In a word, the extra curly the hair is, the tougher it is to revert after straightening.

Straighten your curly hair extensions step via step

#1. Preparation

Before straightening curly hair extensions, you usually want to do a curly to straight hair practise to keep away from any form of warmth damage. A top guidance does store your hair weave and allow a longer lifespan.

A. Protein therapy

To begin off curly to straight hair preparation, usually start with freshly washed hair. After absolutely shampooing curls, the usage of a protein therapy to support hair and stop breakage and break up ends whilst warmness styling. This therapy is verified to stop breakage through over 80% and is advocated for all hair types. Applying telephone remedy to scalp and roots and proceed to work it down in the direction of the relaxation of the hair. I commonly use this protein therapy in the bathe for a rapid cure and normally go away it on for about 10 minutes.

B. Deep conditioning

After rinsing out the treatment, proceed on with a deep conditioner to add moisture and in addition shield your hair. It is necessary that you are capable to contain an extraordinarily hydrating deep conditioner to your warmth styling routine. Deep conditioning your hair will assist shield your strands whilst additionally stopping reversion via already incorporating ample moisture into your hair. When your hair reverts, it is simply in search of moisture from the atmosphere. So you favor to make positive your hair is suitable hydrated earlier than you begin any kind of warmness styling.

C. Heat protectant spray

Most importantly, including a warmth protectant spray is continually a splendid alternative to shield your hair from warmth damage.

D. Hair oil

Last however now not least, end your hair with a hair oil or hair serum and this is going to assist seal in all of that moisture that you utilized and additionally seal in the ends of your hair to stop any frizzing. One or two drops of oil will be lots for your hair simply to make positive you do not add any heaviness or greasiness whilst your warmth styling.

#2. The straightening process

After you get freshly washed, conditioned and warmth included hair, the first factor you are going to do is part your hair to commence blow-drying. Using a comb to completely detangle your hair. Make positive your hair is free from any knots. This will make your total straightening system as handy as possible. Using a blow dryer on a medium putting and it used to be the ideal quantity of heat air. It used to be sufficient to wholly blow out and stretch your curls however used to be no longer ample warmness to truly motive damage. If you observe whilst you are blowing out your hair that the air is too warm for your skin, then you be aware of the hairdryer is too warm for hair.

To begin straightening, part your hair into small pieces. Using a denman brush to do the chasing approach with a high-end straightener. The chasing approach is essentially taking a brush or a fine-tooth comb and going for walks it in the front of your straightener. This will help the hair hold stretched and decrease the probabilities of any knots forming whilst straightening. Usually, have the warmness placing between 390 and 410 relying on the unique texture of the curls.

I virtually propose that prepping your hair with the proper merchandise and additionally the usage of high-end straightener are without a doubt going to assist you keep away from warmness injury however additionally assist you get the fashion that you are searching for.

Back to curly style

Does the hair extensions revert again to its curly sample after straightening? Of course.

You truly moist your hair down to absolutely saturate in water, practice a beneficiant quantity of tresses sulfate conditioner for the duration of your hair, comb thru the tangle and use a paddle brush, rinse the conditioner out and let your hair air dry. Finally, you will get the curls back.

When you straighten your hair, you're if truth be told weakening your hairs cuticle. So it is vital to hold as a great deal moisture in the hair as viable and to assist rebuild the hair electricity immediately. While your hair is nevertheless semi-way, follow a beneficiant quantity of tresses curling and anti-frizz leave-in conditioner in the course of your hair. After straightening your hair, it may additionally revert returned searching a little dry due to the fact warmness in actuality drives the hair out. So including a little coconut oil to the hair extensions will assist forestall that by using restoring hair's herbal luster. Comb via with a paddle brush to get an even finish. Finally, practice argan serum too lock in moisture.

Please let your hair air-dry. Do no longer fluff or pull curls aside till it is definitely dry. This will take away the fizzy untamed look.

Keep in mind

When it comes to straightening curly hair extensions, you might also experience scared and fear about the horrible result. However, it can be a lot of exciting to see the transformation from curly to straight and from straight to curly if you select the proper hair and study the proper way, which will forestall your hair from damage. Remember to take right care of your hair every time you follow warmth to them. Just observe my training above to play with your curly hair extensions. Have fun!!!

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