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Can I colour, tone, dye, curl & straighten my hair?

Yes you can! Our extensions are made with 100% Remy Human Hair, you can treat it as you treat your natural hair. Such as dye, tone, colour, curl and straighten. We have many clients that successfully do this all the time. However, all of these processes can affect and reduce the quality of your extensions.

PLEASE READ the WHOLE below section carefully as we DO NOT take any responsibility for unsatisfactory results achieved from dying or toning extensions. This is because we cannot guarantee the products you are using will work with our extensions or the process in which the product was used.


Why not colour swap? If your extensions are not the correct colour, are unused and still in their packaging you are welcome to swap the colour if abiding by our returns policy. This will be better for the extension quality, easier and cheaper than dying your extensions.

If you must colour your hair we recommend dying your extensions a darker shade using a semi permanent colour as this is gentler on the hair than permanent dyes. Please refer to our video tutorial which demonstrates how to dye your hair to another colour.

 we strongly suggest NOT to lighten the shade of your extensions as this requires a bleaching process that is very harsh. Some of our remy extensions have already undergone a long dying process to lighten their shade and doing this on top again will strip the natural oil coating and damage the hair quality. This is a golden rule across many hair extension companies. Yet, if you must lighten the hair extensions we recommend the use of a toner such as a purple or silver wash. But again we will not take any responsibility for unsatisfactory results.

Before any dying or toning always do a test on a small hair extension piece to ensure you are creating the correct shade and are happy with the quality after.