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Benefits of Unprocessed Virgin Hair Bundles

Unprocessed virgin hair bundles is the most natural form of hair available. The hair comes from a donor's scalp that has not been bleached, chemically treated or permed. Many hair salon and spa owners will offer to process your unprocessed virgin hair for you at a discounted rate. But be sure to do some research into the company you are buying from to make sure they are processing hair in a fair and ethical way.


Unprocessed virgin hair bundles are made up of 100% natural hair. All the cuticles are intact, and so the cuticle remains smooth on the hair shaft, resulting in more shine and body. This is also a very soft hair type which can be easily combed and is capable of being dyed. There are no chemical relaxers, coloring, peroxides, or acids used to process unprocessed virgin hair bundles.


The hair from a donor's scalp is chosen first. The strands are then carefully selected from the man's head so that they match his own hair type, texture, and thickness. This is necessary because the process of harvesting, which is where the hairs are processed, differs from country to country. Each donor has a different harvesting technique. Sometimes it takes even longer than half a year!


The virgin hair is then carefully washed, conditioned, brushed, and cut into smaller manageable pieces. Often, only one or two strands are needed to make a style, and these can then be joined together with hot rollers or by hand-wrapped with plastic and sent for cutting. The cuticle is left smooth and unblemished for a few weeks, during which time the strands are washed and conditioned once again. Once the strands have been thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and brushed, they are ready for sale. Shampooing, conditioning, and then wrapping the hair in plastic once more helps keep the hair supple and prevents it from tangling. Unprocessed virgin hair bundles can usually be found for less than ten dollars each.


As many of us know, color is very important when it comes to hair and makeup. Because of this, unprocessed virgin hair bundles are much less expensive than unprocessed colored hair. There are also a number of other benefits to using virgin hair as opposed to colored or synthetic alternatives. For example, since they contain all of the cuticle intact, they are the most biodegradable option on the market today. They can also be completely washed and reused without any problems, unlike other hair options that may need to be discarded after just one wash.


The process of harvesting and selling unprocessed virgin hair bundles is not as simplistic or as easy as it seems. In some cases, the hair may need to travel several miles before being processed, making its price go up considerably. However, if you have hair that is classified as "virgin" hair, it's well worth the extra price; the healthy and shiny appearance as well as the health benefits that come with unprocessed hair are well worth the investment.