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Choose the right wig for your health and for your wallet

Now there are many hair extensions online suppliers, customers simply click the mouse, there will be a lot of suppliers. Most of these suppliers come from China. The quality of the product is from 2A to 12A. But do you know that friend? You buy 8A hair, may just be our product 3A hair. The following is our product 3A and 8A contrast, you should find a different. I said these, just hope you do not seek cheap, insist on the purchase of low-cost high-level wig products. After all, the wig level is named after the sale of the people. I give you the proposal is: at the time of purchase, see the seller's product images and video, compare the quality. Do not compare the level. And then pay before the business to send you a few pictures of the hair, with the phone to shoot.
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