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10a and labeled 10a

With page 1 we states some suppliers label this grade 10a, why we show that for all of you?

10a and labeled 10a.png

In this market, 50% politic supplier, 30% dishonestly supplier, 15% bad supplier, only 5% honestly supplier.

So, in your different choice, there will have 50% you will just loss a little, 30% you will loss more, 15% loss heavily.

And 5% you will got more than you pay for.

10a and labeled 10a-01

We can be one of that 50%, safe and easy to do. But we are willing to be that 5%, even it will be more difficult at the beginning of, but it was coming with the most safety and steady development.


Please gave a chance and more patient to the beginning of our cooperation, when you see the price was high, let’s talk more and help you to make your best choice!